ATtiny88 based Nano clone
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ATtiny88 'Nano' clone - MH-ET LIVE Tiny88(16.0Mhz).

The ATtiny88 is one of the more powerful members of the ATtiny family.
It offers more I/O and performance BUT less Flash and SRAM.

Quick comparison to a regular 'Nano':

GPIO pins:   Nano88 = 26         ---    'Nano' = 14 pins.
Flash:            Nano88 = 8kB      ---    'Nano' = 32kB
SRAM:          Nano88 = 0.5kB   ---    'Nano' = 2kB
EEPROM:    Nano88 = 64 B      ---   'Nano'  = 1kB

This board comes with the microNucleus direct USB bootloader installed.
microNucleus will require a driver for Windows and you will need to add a uDev file to Linux - we can help you with Linux.  You will have to hit the reset button to initiate uploads.

We can also install OptiBoot, but you will need to use an external USB to UART board like our CP2102 or FTDI etc.

We recommend using an USBasp to avoid wasting the 500-800 bytes of flash taken up by the bootloader and the need to hit reset to upload.

We highly recommend Spence Konde's ATtinyCore boards package which will allow you te select many options from the Arduino IDE Tools menu.
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