Massduino UNO r3 compatible

an UNO with a few extras
Chinese UNO clone that uses the Massduino MD328D MCU.

very similar to the ATmega328p  with the following extras:

+5 or 3v3 operation - Switch selectable

10/12/16 bit ADC... as in

   analogRead()              // 10bit ADC, Compatible to UNO R3

   analogRead_12bits()   // 12bit ADC , 130 sps

   analogRead_16bits()   // 16bit ADC , 125 sps

Will work with UNO boards package except timing is wrong
so delay and baud rates don't work right.

Best to download the ver 5.1 OR BETTER boards support zip.
Installation instructions are included - old fashioned - need
to copy files into a 'hardware' directory in your 'Sketches folder'.

Here is the link to the download...

Note there are quite a few "non-official" packages out there that DO NOT work...  Make sure you have rev 5.1 or better.

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  • Model: MD328