ATtiny85 Nano - Junk

ATtiny85 Dev Kit with ICSP and 5 LEDs
Now in Stock: - This one has a boo-boo on the silk screen - The LEDs have a "TN" prefix - the rev number is erroneously shown as 0.9.  Electrically it has no problems....

ATtiny85 Dev Kit with SPI ICSP connector,
Reset Button and 5 LEDs

Designed for use with a CP2102 USB to Serial board if you want Serial.
Designed to be programmed with a USBasp.

May be used with ATtiny85 or ATtiny13A

suitable for BreadBoarding - pins included but not soldered.

The BareBones option is PCB Only - missing:
       DIP-08 Socket.
       male header pins for ICSP and Breadboard pins.
       6 pin female Header for CP2102.

see the related products tab for options to the BareBones model.
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