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AShop 8MHz UNO +5/3V3
This is my own design - UNOs and Nano are getting scarce... and pricey...

I laid it out as per my own preference - Bus oriented - 2 x 8 bit parallel buses and 1 x 6 bit.

It has a socketed ATmega328P, although the socket doesn't show in the 3D rendering.
No crystal - runs on it's internal 8MHz clock - which frees up 2 more GPIOs.
Jumper selectable +5V or 3V3 operation so you can connect to your 3V3 sensors.
There is no USB to UART on-board - designed to use a CP2102 board..
optional header for a 3V3 regulator.
No LEDs included - keeps battery life up...  They can be installed optionally.

Separate I2C header designed to use an 0.91" OLED display.  An example sketch for the OLED is available on my GitHub.

There are 100s of possible header pin possibilities so it is priced with none - see the related products tab to grab the ones you want.

rev. 0.9 now in stock

more info on my github WIKI.      Design Goals.
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  • Model: AS-UNO-8